自動車愛好家の間ではちょっとした話題になったクルマの絵本“The Little Red Racing Car”の作者、Dwight Knowlton氏の最新作、“THE GREATEST RACE”が今日国際郵便で私のもとに届いた。彼のホームページからPre-buy(事前購入)していたのである。今回は前作のキーパーソン、Stirling Moss卿が全面協力していて、彼がイタリア人ドライバー以外で初めて、主役のクルマであるメルセデス・ベンツ300SLRがイタ車以外で初めて優勝を果たした1955年のイタリア・ミッレミリア1000マイルレースが舞台となっている。詳しくは別の機会に紹介するが、このレースの歴史を紐解くのにまた眠れない夜が続きそう。

A new car picture book, ”The GREATEST RACE" has been delivered to me by overseas mail today. This book is the latest work written by Dwight Knowlton who is the author of "The Little Red Racing Car", which has become something of a topic of communication among car enthusiasts. I have pre-bought it from his homepage. This work was collaborated with Sir Stirling Moss, who is the key person in the previous book. This story is set in the 1955 Mille Miglia 1000 miles race. Sir Moss was the first winner as a non-Italian, and the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR with him was the first winning car in a non-Italian car. Although I will review it some details on another occasion, I am likely not to sleep well at night for some time again. Because I have to learn the history of this race. Thank you for your greatest job!, Mr. Knowlton.





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